The Waxwings Have Landed!

Large flock of Bohemian Waxwings have landed in our black walnut tree in the backyard — my first ever encounter with this lovely crested bird — and an appropriate visitor to the home of a descendent of Czechs and Slovaks, whose father was born in Prague, maternal grandmother was Bohemian, maternal grandfather Slovak! These birds are no doubt after our many chokecherries! They have the unique habit … of passing berries or even apple blossoms from one bird to another down a long row sitting on a branch, until one bird eats the food. … at least their cousin the cedar waxwing does this. The bohemian is 7 1//2 – 8 1/2 ” with yellow-tipped tail, red-tipped wings, black mask, brown body & yellow undercarriage with white markings.

Sunshine today with temps in the 60s! Open door weather!

The National Geographic birdbook says that individual Bohemians are sometimes seen in flocks of Cedar waxwings.


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