New Fuzzbutt in the House!

We are the proud adoptive parents of a new 9-month-old purebred keeshond (pronounced CAYZ-hund) named Apache. This dog is also known as the Smiling Dutchman or the Dutch Barge Dog, for their origin in the Netherlands and their perpetually happy expression. Our little guy is about 46 lbs, a medium-sized dog and small for us, since our last two dogs were 65 lbs and 72 lbs respectively. He has a face like a grey fox, complete with the characteristic spectacles, a thick double coat of black, silver and cream fur, and the requisite tail that curls over his back. Joanna travelled to the Southern Tier to pick him up today from a lovely couple (Thank you, Emma and Mick!). When they arrived at 10 p.m., the first thing Apache found was a clump of Yoda’s hair, which he promptly sniffed. It was a fitting if poignant way to enter what had been Yoda’s domain until only two weeks ago. We discovered that Apache was born at Snow Angels Kennels, and that the Apache people are related to the Athabascan natives of Alaska. Somehow, even though he never met our two Alaskan dogs Yoda and Jupiter, it feels like they are related, that it is appropriate that Apache landed in our home. Welcome, Apache!


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