Incoming Keeshond

Yesterday I drove Apache to Waterbury, Vermont to the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory to meet Maureen and John, who were bringing Lola, a 2-year-old Keeshond female show dog who didn’t care much for the ring. Maureen wanted to find a home where Lola can relax and become a companion, and we are so happy she picked us!

Apache needs a sibling, especially one who speaks “canine.” They are both pretty excited, trying to figure out what these changes mean. Apache wants reassurance that he is not being displaced, and Lola, the newcomer is trying to assert dominance by periodically draping herself on top of Apache. They look comical, even a little sheepish when I catch them trying to sort out their respective places in the household, especially since Apache at 46 pounds is a little large for a keesie, and Lola is small for the breed. They make a pretty pair, even if a little mismatched in the size department. Lola has more cream in her coat. Both have expressive eyes and faces.

At the moment they are both calm and quiet, facing each other as they lay on the top step outside the slider door that leads from the dining room to the back yard. They can monitor the squirrels nicely from there, and watch the birds come and go. Is it the eye of the hurricane, or have they really reached a truce?

I’m not sure whether our initial meeting place is a sign of what the future holds (more ice cream!), but we are LOL, Lola, that you have joined our family! We know you and Apache will love being B&B dogs (Yes, that definitely means Bones & Bellyrubs)! Welcome to the Inn, little girl!


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