Oh, Is THAT So?

A friend wanted to know if she could bring her Korean gal pal along  for a visit to the inn, so I wrote back: “… having grown up with people from all around the world, I just love it!  This past week we had 2 women from Colombia and one of their daughters (by way of Long Island where they live now).  One could hardly speak a word of English, but I understand a little Spanish, and the other translated, so we got along famously. I even told a joke that she could appreciate about how my father learned one or two phrases in as many languages as he could, so when the international students who lived with us were talking a mile a minute in their language, they never minded that he was in the room because they thought he couldn’t understand them.  Then, in the middle of their intense conversation, he would suddenly look interested and exclaim in their native tongue, “Oh, is THAT so?”  Suddenly all conversation would stop, as they looked at each other, wondering what they had been talking so freely about that maybe they shouldn’t have said.  After a while, Dad would explain in English that he really had no idea what they were talking about, he was just joking, and they would all have a good laugh together!  So check with your Korean friend and I’ll see if I can figure out how to say “Oh, is that so?” in Korean.  Let’s get this play date on the calendar already!



  1. sue says:

    didn’t know about this! thanks for this. Sue

  2. Ardean says:

    I remember when your dad was at some kind of party I had invited him to with all my family and friends. He just sat and listened while everyone around him was chattering about something and getting into heated conversations about politics or religion or some other topic. Then out of nowhere he would speak in a very quiet voice and all the conversation stopped. What he said was so directly to the point and profound, no one else could say anything against it. Later on he told me that he enjoyed doing that because he knew everyone would just think he was an old man with no opinion who was just agreeing with what everyone said. Then when he did speak, people would really listen and remember what he said. I thought it was pretty cool, and wanted to be like that when I grew up… thanks for the memory. -Ardean

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