Teen Guests Love the Pool & the Horses

We enjoyed hosting a mother and daughter from Delhi, NY, today.  We were joined by two teenage boys from church.  Weather was perfect for swimming in the pool.  Later on another couple arrived with their daughter from Valley Stream, Long Island, NY for their second visit.    Both girls were close in age, and one works on a horse farm.  We went to Baxters to visit the horses, and enjoyed playing with the dogs, too.  Took a few photos.  Here’s one of Shammy:

Pretty Shammy, Baxter's grey horse, photographed by Hidden Meadow Inn Guest Luas Baena 7/10

Here’s another of Ike:

Ike, by Luas Baena (2010)

One more of Gizmo:

Retired Racehorse Gizmo welcomes Hidden Meadow Inn Guests to the barn; Photo by Luas Baena 2010


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