Where’s the Camera???

This morning on my way in to Potsdam to my other job, as I was driving south from our inn toward Hewittville, turkeys crossed the road in front of my car.  It struck me that they generally don’t all cross together, but single file, one at a time, probably as a defense strategy, so that if one of them gets in trouble, they are not all put in jeopardy.  Smart!

Shortly thereafter, I caught sight of a doe and her two fawns.  After checking my rear-view mirror to be sure no one was behind me, I applied the brakes and turned the radio down.  The mother deer looked my way, evaluating the situation.  She apparently decided I was not a threat, and proceeded to cross the road in front of me.  One at a time, the twins did the same, and disappeared in the brush on the west side of the street.  Of course, the camera is nowhere to be found at the moment you really want it.

Still, sometimes a camera gets in the way of enjoying the moment.  What a treat and an honor to see these beautiful creatures in the morning sunlight!


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