The Gift of God

1.  Christ, the Peace of God, comes weary
Seeking for a place to sleep;
Shall I send Him off to wander,
All my heartlessness to weep?
Make of me a willing servant;
In my heart now make your bed;
Let me soothe the tired Traveller,
Be the pillow for Your head.

2.  Christ, the Bread of Life, comes hungry
For my friendship and belief;
Shall I turn my back, betraying
All His love and sweet relief?
Make my love for You a mirror
Of Your glorious radiance;
Let me satisfy Your hunger
By my own obedience.

3.  Christ, the Gift of God, comes begging
For a cup to drink from me;
Shall I give Him death, or blessing,
In my answer to His plea?
Make me drink the Spirit’s water –
All I need to live today –
Let me quench Your thirst, my Savior,
As I give myself away.

4.  Christ, the joy of God, comes crying
For my lostness and my shame;
Shall I pain His heart yet further,
Bring dishonor to His name?
Make me feel Your suff’ring fully,
Love the world for which You came;
Let me dry Your tears of sorrow;
Make Your will my only aim.

5.  Christ, the life of God, comes dying
For the saving of the earth;
Shall I hammer nails of indiff’rence
Into hands that gave me birth?
Make me die to self, Beloved,
Live now for Your glory great;
Let me own no other Master
Than the Lord who conquers hate!

© 9/19/1992, Portland, OR.  Words, Joanna Ruth Loucky-Ramsey/Music, Thomas J. Williams, 1890/Tune: EBENEZER (O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus).  Performance suggestion:  Lead singer(s) may sing the first four lines of each verse, with the group answering with the last four lines of each verse in a kind of call and response.


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