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The Gift of God

1.  Christ, the Peace of God, comes weary
Seeking for a place to sleep;
Shall I send Him off to wander,
All my heartlessness to weep?
Make of me a willing servant;
In my heart now make your bed;
Let me soothe the tired Traveller,
Be the pillow for Your head.

2.  Christ, the Bread of Life, comes hungry
For my friendship and belief;
Shall I turn my back, betraying
All His love and sweet relief?
Make my love for You a mirror
Of Your glorious radiance;
Let me satisfy Your hunger
By my own obedience.


Pack ‘n Play

We’ve just added a Pack ‘n Play and Changing Pad to make it easier for families traveling with children!  Now you won’t have to pay extra to check that as baggage, and you won’t have to throw your back out hauling yet another piece of equipment.

What other equipment do you consider essential that you want to recommend we provide here at the inn?


Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Newest Guest at the Inn

For the past month or so we have been thrilled to see a sleek velvet black squirrel join our outdoor menagerie.  The little brown squirrel is still the dominant critter, and typically bosses the grey squirrels around.  But it’s not clear whether he has discovered the black squirrel encroaching on his territory yet.  Hopefully they will all figure out a way to get along!


Whitewater Kayaking

Kayaking Class 4-5 rapids of the Raquette River at Stone Valley (Photo by Bill Loucky-Ramsey 8/7/10)

Took a boy from church and the dogs to Stone Valley Recreation Area along the Raquette River today to watch the Whitewater Release Kayaking.  Came in from the Colton end for class 4-5 rapid kayaking.  50-100 spectators came to watch 25-50 kayakers.  Very exciting … made me wish I had been in the water with them! — Bill Loucky-Ramsey, Innkeeper from Hidden Meadow Inn, Norfolk, NY

Visit Draw the Dog to see more dog cartoons like this.


Northern Lights Photo Link

Here’s a couple of photo links for all you Alaska lovers out there … enjoy!

Northern Lights moving south

Alaskan Storyteller’s photo stream


Where’s the Camera???

This morning on my way in to Potsdam to my other job, as I was driving south from our inn toward Hewittville, turkeys crossed the road in front of my car.  It struck me that they generally don’t all cross together, but single file, one at a time, probably as a defense strategy, so that if one of them gets in trouble, they are not all put in jeopardy.  Smart!


Keeshond on Board!

A Fisherman and His Buddy

A Keeshond Angles a Kiss from a Finnish Angler

Here is a group of photos from a Finnish Facebook friend who has keeshonden, like our Lola and Apache.

Apache just got a new yellow life-jacket and is learning to swim in the pool!

We haven’t found one that fits Lola properly yet.

Since Keeshonden are commonly known as Dutch barge dogs, it seems natural that they might take to fishermen, to boats, and to the sea.  But I think kissing, sleeping, and eating are some of their favorite things (all of which you can see in these photos).


Busy Planting Day

Enjoy the peaceful serenity of the gardens at Hidden Meadow Inn (Photo by Joanna Loucky-Ramsey 8/10)

Added a sled-full of perennials & shrubs to the gardens and worked on the blueberry patch.  Todd our piano-tuner advised us to rip out the weed-retardant fabric we had put around the blueberries and keep the mulch away from the crown, about 2 inches thick.  We’ll plant 5 new blueberry plants (1 Chippewa & 4 Duke) to replace those we planted a few years ago that got mowed down or just didn’t make it for some other reason.  I’m sore!


Scrumptious Berries for Breakfast!

The last week we have had a bumper crop of wild blackcaps and blackberries growing in different locations on the inn property.  How fun it is to be able to offer fresh organic fruit right from our own land.  In time, we hope we can add our own raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, pears, cherries and apples to the fresh fruit and jams we put on the breakfast table for our guests here at Hidden Meadow!