What Letterboxing is NOT:

  • the shape of a movie on your television screen
  • what postal workers put snail mail into
  • letters of the alphabet duking it out in the boxing ring

What Letterboxing IS:

  • a fun way to exercise without noticing that’s what you’re doing
  • a chance to explore the great outdoors with family and friends doing something you love
  • a great date idea
  • a quiet getaway that provides the chance to clear your head, get out of the house, the classroom, or the office, for the solitude we all need from time to time
  • a way to combine your love of wildlife, photography, or bird-watching with another rewarding experience
  • an addictive hobby people of all ages and experience levels can enjoy
  • an activity designed to keep your little grey cells agile, young and sharp
  • a way to develop self-confidence and match wits with the best letterboxers in the world with every difficult discovery
  • an opportunity to earn bragging rights and the respect of your peers when you become a competitive champion level boxer
  • an adventure for anyone who has a secret sleuth inside trying to get out!  All you Agatha Christie or Hercule Poirot wannabees, this is for you!

We planted our first Letterbox August 13, 2010.

(NorNorNY on AtlasQuest and LetterboxingNorthAmerica)

Guests who book a room at Hidden Meadow Inn receive the first clue upon check-in.   If you are not planning an overnight stay and would still like to look for the letterbox, contact us at youarewelcome@hiddenmeadowinn.com for more information.

Our plan is to introduce new stamps and plant new boxes periodically (our goal is at least one every year), so guests can look forward to a new adventure during return visits.

We hope to offer classes to introduce newbies to the intrigue of the hunt and the fun of the find.  We are working on bringing in a carver to teach people how to carve their own stamp, as well as experienced letterboxers who can offer workshops on how to plant a letterbox, how to write effective clues, orienteering, and other aspects of the hobby.

Look for notices on this page as well as on letterboxing websites AtlasQuest, LBNA (Letterboxing North America), social media letterboxing groups such as Yahoo’s newboxers, Facebook at Hidden Meadow Inn, and on Twitter at HMInuz.

Not sure yet if letterboxing is for you?  Here’s another reason to try it out here:

Because we appreciate how challenging it can be to write effective, interesting clues, we are offering a 5% discount on a subsequent 1-2 day visit to anyone who writes new clues that we select for use on a new letterbox at Hidden Meadow Inn.

CLICK HERE to see Photos of our First Letterboxing Adventure at in the Adirondacks not far from our inn.

Other Letterboxes in the Vicinity

Over 25,000 people belong to the online Atlas Quest letterboxing community. Click HERE to access Atlas Quest’s Simple Search page to find over 50 other letterboxes you can hunt for less than 25 miles from Hidden Meadow Inn.  Just type in 1950 Sober Street, Norfolk, New York in the Location-Based Search Box.  To find nearly 100 boxes less than 50 miles away, just change the Distance in the box to 50 miles.

Here are a few boxes you may want to check out while in the area.  The links are provided here with the permission of the planters of the boxes (Thank you!).  If you have letterboxes in the vicinity that you would like us to list here, please contact us and we would be happy to list your box.

A Picture is Worth a Lot of Words / Colton, NY

The Old Safe Box / Colton, NY located in one of our favorite spots!

Snake Eyes / Cranberry Lake, NY

The Three Musketeers Series / Degrasse, NY

Night Owl / Hannawa Falls, NY

Sun of a Beach / Hannawa Falls, NY located in another favorite spot!

Buck’s Bank / Potsdam, NY

The Warmers Box / Potsdam, NY

The Polka-Dot Butterfly / Russell, NY

Adirondack Series, Letter K / Moody Falls, Sevey, NY

The Rainbow Butterflies / South Colton, NY

Smile Sunshine / Tupper Lake, NY

Over 45,000 people are registered members of Letterboxing North America.   We planted the 597th box listed on LBNA’s list of letterboxes in Northern New York.  Click HERE to get more information about the first box we planted, NorNorNY.

Letterboxing on Facebook:  Click here and here.   SEE ALSO.

Newboxers Group on Yahoo:  Click here.

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  1. Cindy V ot The Vs says:

    I have followed all the posts on the newboxer’s list, and it is nothing I haven’t seen before there. People are always quick to offer up what they think is right.
    I think you have an excellent idea going and that you have handled it well!
    I still think of myself as a newbie 3 years and over 2000 boxes later, and discretion is always my biggest LB concern. I think you have done well with your clues and information. I appreciate that you have made the box available to those who are not guests and have provided thoughtful information for families to learn about our hobby!
    I also am impressed that the area boxes you list are done so with the planters permission!
    Welcome to our hobby and thanks for planting!
    Cindy V of “The V’s”

  2. Innkeeper says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Cindy V. Many of our guests are trying letterboxing for the first time here, which is very exciting.

    Yesterday we invited a local family with 5 children and their cousin over for a dip in our pool and a search for our letterbox. They got to clue #3 before their stomachs started growling for dinner. Hopefully they will return to finish the hunt before school starts next week. Maybe I should add this to my “What Letterboxing Is” List: An opportunity to make new friends and build a sense of teamwork!

    Today a couple new to the hobby found it without any help from us at all. Early on, I thought I saw them lingering over one clue. I was tempted to go see if they needed another hint, but when I caught them smooching, I backed off. Maybe I need to add to my “What Letterboxing Is” List the following: An invitation to romance!

    How would you complete these sentences?

    What Letterboxing Isn’t:

    What Letterboxing Is: