Swimming at Hidden Meadow Inn

Come On In, the Water’s Fine!

We offer our guests the use of our large above-ground pool during the warm weather season.  Guests are required to observe pool rules, which include the following:

1. We want your children to enjoy the pool safely.  Therefore, No children are allowed in the pool without adult supervision. This means one of the adults who brought the child(ren) must be close enough to the pool to observe pool activity AT ALL TIMES.  NO EXCEPTIONS. If the adult leaves the pool area, children must leave the pool immediately.  Adult guests are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children during their stay at Hidden Meadow Inn.  We do not provide life guards.

2.  No jumping or diving. Use of ladders to enter and exit the pool is required.

3.  The gate to the pool deck is to remain closed except when entering or exiting the pool deck area.  It is never to be propped open for any reason.

4.  Have fun, but be considerate of other pool users who may not have a lot of experience or confidence around the water.  We want everyone to enjoy the use of the pool safely.

5.  The pool at Hidden Meadow Inn is NOT available for public use unless the innkeepers have extended an invitation for a specific date and limited time period.

It is presumed that all pool users will observe pool rules at all times, for the safety and enjoyment of all concerned.  Anyone who does not abide by the pool rules may forfeit the privilege of pool use.

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