Luck with Letterboxing! =o)

Thank you for your hospitality!  The Inn is a great place to enjoy, rest & have tranquility.  We enjoyed all … the rooms, the food, the walks, the pool, the dogs, the birds, the view, the flowers, the river, the hospitality and the great fellowship. 

A Dutch girl and a Dutch Dog

Hope you visit us in Prague!  Blessing to you, Nora, Pieter & Norita Kalkman (Mexico & Netherlands, Based in Prague)

P.S.  Nice dogs & company.  Also liked the swimming pool & food. =O)  =O)  :)  =O)

Good luck with letterboxing!  =O)



Peace!  Wonderful setting and company.  — Fowler, NY

Thank you!  You are wonderful hosts.  Blessings.  — Belchertown, MA

Most blessed.  — N. Bangor, NY


Enjoyed Your Company

Thank you very much. You have a beautiful place, and we enjoyed your company.  Thank you. — Bayville, NY and Colombia, South America



We enjoyed your welcoming home on my journey back to school. Your company was great and we loved Apache! He is so adorable! — New Ipswich, NH



Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! … especially enjoyed being followed by Apache, & training & rewarding him. We had fun with [your other guest]. The games were great fun. The food was terrific. And the company was the Best! We love you! — Savannah, NY


Quiet Place

Very nice quiet place. Enjoyed the company. — Islip, NY


Stand-in Pups

What a lovely time. We slept so well. The mattress was so so comfortable. The property was beautiful. You both are lovely, warm and welcoming people. We enjoyed the company and the birds right outside the window during breakfast. — East Aurora, NY

We had no idea how lucky we would be to find such a warm, welcoming, comfortable place!! … Thank you for adding so much to our trip (and providing Yoda & Jupi as stand-in pups).– East Aurora, NY