Busy Planting Day

Enjoy the peaceful serenity of the gardens at Hidden Meadow Inn (Photo by Joanna Loucky-Ramsey 8/10)

Added a sled-full of perennials & shrubs to the gardens and worked on the blueberry patch.  Todd our piano-tuner advised us to rip out the weed-retardant fabric we had put around the blueberries and keep the mulch away from the crown, about 2 inches thick.  We’ll plant 5 new blueberry plants (1 Chippewa & 4 Duke) to replace those we planted a few years ago that got mowed down or just didn’t make it for some other reason.  I’m sore!


Nice Pool!

Korean Friends Enjoy the Pool at Hidden Meadow Inn

It was a pleasure to meet great people and enjoy the garden! A Mom from Korea and her two sons. One of them commented, “Nice pool!!”


Independence Day

Took guest family to see Boss, Ike & Shammy. Fed them apples and carrots. They enjoyed the pool (the people, not the horses). Deer are appearing just east of the side garden. While sitting on the new porch swing, saw a spotted fawn trotting down the driveway, looking for its parents who were braying behind some trees, on our trail system. Suddenly he took off in their direction, flicking his little white tail.