Congratulations to recent Hidden Meadow Inn Guest Dr. Inez M. Reyna, O.D.

We are delighted that recent guest at our inn Dr. Inez M. Reyna has accepted a position at Center for Sight with offices in Massena and Potsdam!   Multi-talented and highly skilled, Dr. Reyna is a Doctor of Optometry (Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago), Member of the American Academy of Optometry, and Examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NEBO) with specialties in adult, geriatric, and pediatric eye care, dry eye management, contact lenses, and optometry; she is also a NYS AOA Certified Low Vision Specialist and is Licensed in Therapeutics for Medical Management of Glaucoma.  Now offering Lasik.  Accepting new patients.  Go to or call 1-877/454-EYES for more information.


Teen Guests Love the Pool & the Horses

We enjoyed hosting a mother and daughter from Delhi, NY, today.  We were joined by two teenage boys from church.  Weather was perfect for swimming in the pool.  Later on another couple arrived with their daughter from Valley Stream, Long Island, NY for their second visit.    Both girls were close in age, and one works on a horse farm.  We went to Baxters to visit the horses, and enjoyed playing with the dogs, too.  Took a few photos.  Here’s one of Shammy:

Pretty Shammy, Baxter's grey horse, photographed by Hidden Meadow Inn Guest Luas Baena 7/10


Dem Bonz, Dem Bonz

A young return guest pulled out her trombone today to treat us to a few jazz and classical selections.  Apache went crazy, coming over to check out the instrument, the music stand, and the performer.  Little Lola jumped on Joanna’s lap to join the appreciative audience.  I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised at their enthusiasm; after all, a trombone DOES have a BONE in it, right?   Maybe that’s where the Bone in B&B comes from!

Lola          Apache          Melesa’s Bone