Teen Guests Love the Pool & the Horses

We enjoyed hosting a mother and daughter from Delhi, NY, today.  We were joined by two teenage boys from church.  Weather was perfect for swimming in the pool.  Later on another couple arrived with their daughter from Valley Stream, Long Island, NY for their second visit.    Both girls were close in age, and one works on a horse farm.  We went to Baxters to visit the horses, and enjoyed playing with the dogs, too.  Took a few photos.  Here’s one of Shammy:

Pretty Shammy, Baxter's grey horse, photographed by Hidden Meadow Inn Guest Luas Baena 7/10


Just Like Home!

Just like home! — Albany, NY


Peace and Blessings

Thank you for opening your home to me.  I appreciated the comfortable bed and great breakfast.  I look forward to coming back and walking the trails.  Peace and blessings.  – Poughkeepsie, NY



Peace!  Wonderful setting and company.  — Fowler, NY

Thank you!  You are wonderful hosts.  Blessings.  — Belchertown, MA

Most blessed.  — N. Bangor, NY


Shared Connections

Joanna and Bill,

What a lucky day we had when we learned about Hidden Meadow Inn and you two. Not only do you have a lovely place, but we share the Portland, Oregon connection and you were extremely helpful in our quest to learn more about our father’s childhood in Norfolk. Thank you for being so welcoming, hospitable and enthusiastic. — Jeff Rogers, Portland, OR


Oh, Is THAT So?

A friend wanted to know if she could bring her Korean gal pal along  for a visit to the inn, so I wrote back: “… having grown up with people from all around the world, I just love it!  This past week we had 2 women from Colombia and one of their daughters (by way of Long Island where they live now).  One could hardly speak a word of English, but I understand a little Spanish, and the other translated, so we got along famously. I even told a joke that she could appreciate about how my father learned one or two phrases in as many languages as he could, so when the international students who lived with us were talking a mile a minute in their language, they never minded that he was in the room because they thought he couldn’t understand them.  Then, in the middle of their intense conversation, he would suddenly look interested and exclaim in their native tongue, “Oh, is THAT so?”  Suddenly all conversation would stop, as they looked at each other, wondering what they had been talking so freely about that maybe they shouldn’t have said.  After a while, Dad would explain in English that he really had no idea what they were talking about, he was just joking, and they would all have a good laugh together!  So check with your Korean friend and I’ll see if I can figure out how to say “Oh, is that so?” in Korean.  Let’s get this play date on the calendar already!


Enjoyed Your Company

Thank you very much. You have a beautiful place, and we enjoyed your company.  Thank you. — Bayville, NY and Colombia, South America



Thanks so much.  Beautiful place. — Worcester, NY


Fit for Kings & Queens!

Thank you so much for the relaxing visit.  Breakfast was fit for Kings & Queens!  Hope to be back some day when we have more time to enjoy properly. — Galway, NY


Fue Sencillamente Maravilloso — “Simply Wonderful”

Fue sencillamente maravilloso el haber compartido con personas tan maravillosas como ustedes. — Colombia, South America and Bayville, NY