Sons of Member of Two Presidents’ Cabinets

We have had a full and rewarding day today with two sons of William Pierce Rogers, who served in two Presidential cabinets, once as Attorney General in the Eisenhower administration, and later as Secretary of State under Nixon.

Hidden Meadow Inn Welcomes Tony & Jeff Roberts, Sons of William Pierce Roberts, former US Attorney General & Secretary of State

With the help of local historians from Norwood and Norfolk, we were able to arrange tours of points of interest to the descendants of this statesman, including a visit to the home where their father was born, to the insurance agency founded by their grandfather, and the gravesite where their grandfather and other relatives are buried. We are most grateful to those who so graciously gave of their time to make our guests feel so welcome!


Presidential Puppy

Apache wants to put in his bid for a fellow-Keeshond to be chosen as Premiere Pooch! We’ve heard that the Portuguese Water Dog and the Labradoodle are both being considered for the White House, and, frankly, we considered both of these as possible additions to our household, too. We think they are great dogs, but there is nothing like a Kees!