Beauty & Belly Rub

Bill and Joanna, Thank you for your gracious hospitality!  We loved the grounds and will return if /when we are up here again.  I will miss the dogs!  Lola let me give her a belly rub this morning! — Port Townsend, WA

The View from the Veranda at Hidden Meadow Inn


Dem Bonz, Dem Bonz

A young return guest pulled out her trombone today to treat us to a few jazz and classical selections.  Apache went crazy, coming over to check out the instrument, the music stand, and the performer.  Little Lola jumped on Joanna’s lap to join the appreciative audience.  I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised at their enthusiasm; after all, a trombone DOES have a BONE in it, right?   Maybe that’s where the Bone in B&B comes from!

Lola          Apache          Melesa’s Bone


Great Fun!

Much thanks … We had great fun — love the dogs — great breakfast and wonderful company!! See you again soon — thanks again!! — Raleigh, NC