Animals at the Inn

Lola to Apache:  Whose idea was this, anyhow?

Lola to Apache: Whose idea was this, anyhow?


Keeshonden Dogs on the Premises

Lola, Apache and Havel, our resident keeshonden dogs, serve as our welcoming and farewelling committee.  When you first arrive, Apache may beg for a belly rub, Havel may invite you to play tug with him, and Lola may wonder if you brought her any bananas. They are generally easy-going, happy creatures (they don’t call keesies “the smiling Dutchmen” for nothing!) who will cheerfully entertain you with tricks, take you for a walk, or demonstrate their skills in obedience, rally and agility.

Strategically placed gates around the house help define boundaries for our dogs, who can be intrigued by chocolates on pillows, rare books in the library, wet washcloths on bathroom floors, or ladies’ pantyhose (which make great tug-toys, in case you were wondering).    Please keep the gates to the second floor closed but not locked when you are not using the stairs, as we do not allow the dogs upstairs.

We take our dogs to training classes frequently.  When you first come to the door, the dogs may be behind a closed door, in their crates or a gated area, so that we can introduce them one at a time when you are ready to meet them.   We can’t guarantee that will always be the case, so we hope you will understand if it takes us a few moments before we open the door to welcome you.  That gives us the opportunity to reinforce preferred behavior.  We don’t expect you to train them, but encourage you to use the commands “Sit” or “Paws Down” if you feel the need to correct one of them.  We keep little nibbles on the table by the front door in the living room to reward polite behavior.   Spray bottles of water and bike horns are scattered around the house in case they need a reminder to use their “indoor voices,” but usually it is sufficient just to show them the bottle or horn without actually using either tool.  If you would prefer more (or less) contact with them or need any help with them, just let us know. We want you to be comfortable during your visit with us.

Havel Walks on Water!!!

Born in Central NY in 2008, Apache comforted us and helped us learn to laugh again when he came to us at the age of 9 months shortly after the loss of our first two dogs.  Seven months later, Lola joined the family at the age of two.  She is our lead writer at Doggerel for Dogs and Korrespondent for the Keezee Kroniklz which tell about many adventures of keeshonden competing in the Winter LYmpiks, rescuing a lost dog in the Ditarod, and racing to Iceyland in submareenz (boyz vs gurlz) to see the volkayno.   Havel was already a world traveler at the tender age of ten weeks, arriving at JFK  from his native Czech Republic in 2012.

For more about these fun-loving comedians, CLICK HERE.

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Two doors south of our inn, Fred and Fran Baxter keep horses in their corral: Ike, the spirited jumper and Boss, his constant companion. They enjoy a bit of clover, a baby carrot or slice of apple when they are in the mood. Our hidden meadow abuts the corral on the back half of our property, with trails running right along the fence line, making it very easy to pay a visit to these handsome boys.

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  1. Connie Wright White says:

    I cannot imagine a more enjoyable greeting than by the owners and Lola and Apache! I love the idea of a relaxing holiday and having two Keesies to admire!!