Drawthedog.com Cartoonist Celebrates Innkeepers’ Dog Yoda

4-month old Yoda outside our cabin north of Fairbanks, AK (1995)

Innkeeper Joanna Loucky-Ramsey writes:  Jim George perfectly captured our Keeshond-shepherd-husky mix Yoda when he was a 4-month-old puppy brand new to our cabin in Alaska in his classic cartoon seen below.  Jim used to post a new animated cartoon six days a week on a website called Draw the Dog, which unfortunately is no longer available online.

Seeing himself for the first time ...

A Royal Wee

Here is how I happened to receive such a delightful honor. I composed a haiku, a couple of limericks, and assorted and sundry doggerel for a Twitter contest being conducted by the Drawthedog team.  When the contest was over, I tweeted “I  wonder who won the Draw the Dog competition. Anybody know?” Then I opened an email from Bruce Kasanoff telling me I won! (Isn’t it funny that he didn’t notify me via Twitter?)

Here are the winning tweets I submitted on Twitter:

1:19 PM May 5th via web

See dog antics come to life,

Giggle, grin, guffaw,

Great cartoons! Now come & see!


5:23 PM May 5th via web

I see your favorite breed

Pup growing up like a weed

Pitbull or bulldog

Poodle or sheepdog

Some of them even can read!


11:05 PM May 5th via web

Look at the face on this k9

Caught in the act yet she’s all mine

Guilty 1 minute Yet she will pin it

On yr nu feline


1:07 PM May 6th via web

Mutt and Jeff dogs

such as Great Danes & Doxies

Frolic & feed with those Scotties & Rotties

Corgis & Collies


1:16 PM May 6th via web

Dalmatians, Alsatians,

Chihuahuas & Poodles,

Some ladies, some tramps,

But each dog loves noodles!


1:22 PM May 6th via web

Chihuahuas & chows,

Sombreros & bows,

Jumping Jack Russells

& Sweet silly spaniels!


1:36 PM May 6th via web

Schipperkees & Havanese,

Maltese, Shelties, Basenjis,

Dobies, Yorkies, & one Kees,

Don’t forget the Pyranees!


Finally, this tweet …

3:25 PM May 10th via web

Woohoo! So excited we won! Thanks, Jim & Bruce!

Here are the explanatory comments I posted at the Drawthedog website after seeing “A Wee Bit — Inspired by Yoda of Norfolk, NY,” the cartoon Jim created for me:

twokeesathmi May 21, 2010 at 8:09 pm     Oh, thank you! I laughed so hard I cried! I wondered which story you might pick from the many I sent you. This one took place when Yoda was about 4 months old, right after he came to live with us in the Alaskan cabin in the woods just north of Fairbanks. I couldn’t be mad at him, he was just so startled to find that other puppy in the mirror, he couldn’t help himself. Smart as he was, he couldn’t quite figure out that that puppy was himself, even when I showed him the back side of the mirror.  What do puppies know about 2-dimensional surfaces? My husband won’t get to see this till he gets home from work tonight, and it’ll just about kill him to have to wait to see this! Jim, you did such a great job capturing my beautiful heart dog, who left us in 2008 after living with us for 13 1/2 years. This joyful cartoon will help us celebrate all the richness he gave us, immortalizing him in his jubilant puppyhood for the rest of time. We will always be grateful to you and Bruce for this very special gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
twokeesathmi May 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm      I meant to compliment you on the way you wait till the last minute to give the punch-line (or in this case, puddle), keeping us on the edge of our seat anticipating what it might be. AND your impeccable choice of both the caption and the title, playing on his “wee” size, the Royal WEE as he sees himself in all his glory in the mirror, and of course, the unmentionable “wee” which we aren’t mentioning (blush, blush). I may be prejudiced, but I think this is the best cartoon you’ve done yet!
twokeesathmi May 29, 2010 at 5:47 am     The cartoon arrived today to our great joy! Even though Yoda has been gone nearly two years now, this reminds us that his generous, exuberant heart is still giving so much to enrich our lives! Thanks, Jim, for giving us something we will treasure all our lives! And thanks, Bruce, for all you do to help this site run smoothly. You both bring so many people so much joy!

You can see the winning cartoon in person at Hidden Meadow Inn, thanks to the generosity of Jim George, the cartoonist, who was described on the drawthedog website as:  “one of your typical ex-Disney animators who lives near the beach in Venice and once spent years animating in a cabin in the woods and who has been creating characters for film and TV and who has been a director and book author and who also has a counseling practice and who really likes animals and people, too.”  I guess living in a cabin in the woods gives us something else in common with this great artist besides our love of canines!


In 2010, keeshonden breeder and internet buddy Ellen Kramer of Moonshadow Kees (Email:  PutterDutt@aol.com) delighted everyone on the keesdogpark Yahoo group with photos and a play-by-play daily report on preparations for the arrival of a litter of pups, who were born March 3, 2010.  Daddy Putter (a.k.a. Am. & Can. CH Keedox Moonshadow Nighthawk, Am. & Can. CD, CGC, RN, NAP and NJP) and Mommy Chevee (a.k.a.  Am. CH Tri-Bear’s Hotchevee Ruttkay) welcomed three sons and two daughters.

Aren't I just gorgeous?

Miss Gold “Flora” says “Aren’t I just gorgeous?”

About seven weeks after the birth, Ellen snapped a photo of one of the girls, Miss Gold, admiring herself in the mirror. Ellen was kind enough to allow me to share the photo with you. (Thank you, Ellen!)   I’m sure you can see the connection with the “Wee Bit” cartoon.   I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t acknowledge that Miss Gold did NOT do what Yoda did when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time.    Miss Gold (now known as Flora) is now owned by (or rather, has laid claim to the hearts of her new family) Ed and Julie Lasek.


Here’s a new cartoon of an adorable chocolate lab entitled “Won’t Play” (posted September 7, 2010) that reprises “Wee Bit” perfectly … make sure you go to the link to see the photo that this cartoon was based on!

Won’t Play!

Here are two photos of Sara Bryce’s keeshond puppy Levi admiring his reflection in the mirror.  Used by permission of Sara Bryce.

Sara Bryce's Levi

Who’s that pretty puppy in the mirror?

Levi, loved by Sara Bryce

Mutual Admiration Society

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