Young Hoosier “Who Knows What the Future Holds?” Bill

Bill was born in Riverside, California and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with his younger brother Norman.  He has the Hoosier’s love of basketball, and enjoys golf, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and other sports.  A member of Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), Bill taught skiing at Timberline on Mt. Hood in Oregon and in Fairbanks, Alaska, and currently teaches downhill at Titus Mountain.  A real “people person” with an affable personality, a huge smile and twinkling blue eyes, Bill enjoys the role of short-order cook and all-around Jack-of-all-trades, maintaining equipment, building everything from bookcases to birdhouses and dog agility equipment, preparing the garden beds for planting, and more.  When he is not occupied with Bed-and-Breakfast tasks, you might find him out and about working in the construction firm he founded, Loucky-Ramsey Builders, serving on a community board, helping out on a church project or training our dogs.

Joanna’s mother Mildred, born of a Bohemian mother and Slovakian father, was one of two sisters among seven brothers who grew up on a farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Mildred was a children’s worker in the American South and Southwest before establishing Child Evangelism Fellowship in Czechoslovakia.  There she met and married Lou, a youth evangelist from Prague.  When the Communist government expelled her,  Lou escaped across the border into Germany, where the couple were reunited before sailing to America in 1950.  They established a rooming house in Syracuse, New York for university students, professors and business people from over 160 different countries, who dubbed the hospitable oasis “the little U.N.”.   That experience profoundly influenced the six Loucky children, including Joanna, giving them a love of people from all walks of life and teaching them that joy comes from sharing what you have with others.   Read more about what it was like growing up in that rich cultural environment HERE.

Training to mow the lawn and trails at Hidden Meadow Inn

Early training to learn how to mow the lawn at the B&B

Joanna operates a chainsaw, maintains the birdfeeders, gardens and trails, coordinates housekeeping and marketing, manages the office and handles most reservations.  She writes a weekly lesson for The Wired Word small-group online curriculum and serves as Chief Scribe for Lola, Havel and Apache, Poets-in-Residence at Doggerel for Dogs.  She loves to read, write, sing, design and lead worship, mentor, and teach.  An ordained American Baptist minister, she has served churches and non-profits in various capacities and locations for many years, most recently as pastor of First Baptist Church of Potsdam, New York (1998-2011). She won a Twitter contest run by Drawthedog.com by writing a haiku, a couple of limericks, and assorted and sundry doggerel. You can read them here.

It was a happy surprise to learn that Joanna’s maternal uncle, the Reverend Ernest Droppa, pastored the Norfolk and Raymondville United Methodist Churches many years ago.  His son Bob (Joanna’s cousin), a gourmet chef who travels the globe teaching cooking and business skills, remembers his years in Norfolk with great affection.   Maybe he’ll come back and cook for us sometime!

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  1. Chelle Lindahl says:

    What a cute picture of the two of you!!
    I’m so glad your B&B has been so successful and that you enjoy it so much…good luck in the future as well!
    I can’t imagine nicer people to have good things happen to than you folks…
    Yours Truly, Chelle Lindahl