The Dogs at Hidden Meadow Inn

One of our dogs is depicted on this video.*   Can you guess which one is ours?

When we opened the inn in 2006, our resident Welcoming and Farewelling Committee were Yoda and Jupiter (Jupi).  They joined the family in Fairbanks, Alaska in the mid-1990′s and lived with us until 2008 when they went to the Rainbow Bridge to play frisbee with angel halos in a field of stars and dance with the Aurora Borealis.

Our First “Salt & Pepper” Team from Fairbanks Alaska

Here’s a comment about them from one of our guests.  Read more about them HERE and HERE.

Our current official greeters are three keeshonden (pronounced KAY-zonden), the official dog of Holland, a.k.a. “The Smiling Dutchmen.”  The standard for this northern breed calls for spitz ears, a thick double coat, a curly tail that must look like a part of its profile, a big grin and bespectacled eyes.   History records that they rode on Dutch barges, serving a useful function before the discovery of sonar by barking at their canine friends on board other vessels, thus alerting their captains of the presence of other ships they could not detect in the darkness or the fog.

Apache at 2 yrs 5 mos Waiting for someone to drop something at a BBQ

Apache was born in central New York and lived for a few months in the Southern Tier before coming to live at Hidden Meadow Inn.  He helped comfort us after the death of our sled dog husky Jupiter (June 2008) and our Keeshond-shepherd-husky mix Yoda (September 2008).   Read about his arrival at the inn here and here.   He instantly conjured up a variety of comical nicknames.

Lola at 2.5 yrs Playing in the Snow at Hidden Meadow Inn

Lola joined the family in May 2009 after beginning life in Maine.  In 2011 she had a traumatic back injury that left her unable to use her back legs.  After three months of physical therapy, she has regained mobility and become a real inspiration and our little smile-maker.

Havel Taking His Leash for a Walk

Havel came to us at 10 weeks of age from across the sea from the Czech Republic where he and Joanna’s father were born.  He is one of a litter of eight born to Laksi of Lavendermist Kennel.

For more about these happy little scamps, CLICK HERE.

*  P.S. Music courtesy of Murray Weinstock and Dogtunes.

© 2002 Furry Murray Music, ASCAP ? 2004 Lovenotes Records.


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